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Henry Irving in England and America 1838-84

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Henry Irving in England and America 1838-84

was a nonfiction book written under the pseudonym Frederic Daly. The book is a autobiography by the English stage actor Henry Irving (February 6, 1838 – October 13, 1905). It was first published in the UK in 1884 by T. Fisher Unwin, London. This edition is a 300 page (plus 2 pages of advertisements) hardcover with a dark green cloth cover stamped on the front panel in gold.


The publication page of Henry Irving in England and America 1838-84 states that it was written by Frederic Daly. However, shortly after it was published, the authorship of this book was called into question. The press in the UK claimed that it was written by Bram Stoker who was at that time working as Irving's personal secretary. In response, Mr. Daly wrote to several newspapers in the UK and US and denied that he was Stoker. It was later discovered that Frederic Daly was a pseudonym used by Henry Irving himself. At this time, it is unknown whether Stoker had a hand in writing this book or not.


This book is available as a:
  • Free PDF download (UK hardcover edition)
  • Short article

    Mr. Bram Stoker Charged with Eulogizing Mr. Irving

    New York Herald, New York, August 8, 1884
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