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The Tendency of the Modern Stage

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"The Tendency of the Modern Stage"

was a nonfiction article by Bram Stoker. This article was the third in a series of interviews that Stoker conducted in 1907. It was first published in the US in 1907 in The World, New York. It was first published in the UK under the title "The Tendency of the Modern Stage: A Talk with Sir W. S. Gilbert on things Theatrical" in the January 2, 1908 issue of The Daily Chronicle, London.

The World
The Daily Chronicle

Excerpt publication

Excerpts of this interview were published in newspapers in at least three different countries. They appeared as follows:
  • The Evening News, London, UK, November 16, 1907
  • The Daily News, Perth, AU, December 28, 1907
  • The Press, Christchurch, N.Z., February 15, 1908
  • The Penshurst Free Press, Penshurst, AU, February 21, 1908
  • The Evelyn Observer, Melbourne, AU, February 28, 1908
  • The Northern Argus, Clare, AU, February 28, 1908
  • The Warwick Examiner, Warwick, AU, March 18, 1908
  • The Midland Advertiser, Moora, AU, March 20, 1908
  • Lake Wakatip Mail, Queenstown, N.Z., May 12, 1908
  • The Gundagai Independent, Gundagai, AU, June 17, 1908
  • The Fitzroy City Press, Fitzroy, AU, December 4, 1908
  • Book publication
    "The Tendency of the Modern Stage" was first published in book form in June 2002 in A Glimpse of America: and other Lectures, Interviews and Essays a 170 page paperback by Desert Island Books, Essex.


    This article is available as a:
  • Free PDF download (The Daily Chronicle)
  • Newspaper image

    The Daily Chronicle, January 2, 1908

    The Daily Chronicle, London, January 2, 1908


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