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Irving's Last Hours

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"Irving's Last Hours"

was a nonfiction article by Bram Stoker. It was published in the UK under the full title "Irving's Last Hours. Mr. Bram Stoker's Affecting Narrative. Bradford's Kindness." It appeared in a special "Sir Henry Irving Death" column in the "Mainly About People" section of the October 16, 1905 issue of Bradford Daily Telegraph, Bradford. This was probably the first time Stoker spoke to the press following Irving's death since this article appeared three days after he died at the Midland Hotel, Bradford.

Newspaper publication

After its appearance in the October 16, 1905 issue of Bradford Daily Telegraph, this article and excerpts from it were reprinted under various titles in a number of newspapers across the UK. It appeared as follows:
  • The Manchester Courier, Manchester, October 16, 1905
  • The Scotsman, Edinburgh, October 16, 1905
  • The Yorkshire Evening Post, Leeds, October 16, 1905
  • Yorkshire Telegraph and Star, Sheffield, October 16, 1905
  • Sheffield Daily Independent, Sheffield, October 17, 1905
  • Aberdeen Daily Journal, Aberdeen, October 18, 1905
  • Leamington Spa Courier, Leamington, October 20, 1905
  • The Manchester Courier, Manchester, October 21, 1905
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    Bradford Daily Telegraph, October 16, 1905

    Bradford Daily Telegraph, Bradford, October 16, 1905


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