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Miss Betty

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Miss Betty

was Bram Stoker's sixth novel. The novel is a romance set in England. It was first published in the UK in 1898 by C. Arthur Pearson Limited, London, as a part of their Latter-Day Stories series. The book itself is a 202 page (plus 5 pages of advertisements) hardcover with a pink cloth cover stamped on the spine and front panel in green, white and black. Miss Betty has never been published outside the UK.

First edition book cover

Miss Betty UK Book Cover

C. Arthur Pearson Limited, London, 1898

Seven Golden Buttons

Seven Golden Buttons was a previously unpublished novel by Bram Stoker. It was originally written on index cards in 1891. After the publication of Dracula, Stoker reused large sections of this novel to write Miss Betty. In 2015, the index cards were transcribed and published along with a copy of Miss Betty by NoŽl Montague-…tienne Rarignac. They appeared under the title Stoker's Doppelgšnger: Day and Night - Two Novels: Seven Golden Buttons and Miss Betty.


After the publication of Miss Betty, Stoker wrote a play based on the novel under the title Miss Betty. A PIay in Four Acts. However, the play was never performed in front of an audience.


This novel is available as a:
  • Free PDF download (UK hardcover edition)
  • It can also be purchased online as a:
  • Library Binding Book Miss Betty (Collected Works of Bram Stoker)
  • The two versions can be purchased online as a:
  • Kindle eBook Seven Golden Buttons and Miss Betty
  • Early publication notice

    Miss Betty Publication Notice

    Pall Mall Gazette, London, March 8, 1898
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