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Lady Athlyne

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Lady Athlyne

was Bram Stoker's tenth novel. The novel is a romance set in America and Europe. It was first published in the UK in 1908 by William Heinemann, London. The book itself is a 333 page hardcover with a red cloth cover stamped on the spine and front panel in black and gold. In the same year, this book was also published by Heinemann as a part of their Heinemann's Colonial Library series. This edition is a hardcover with a decorated cloth cover [1]. According to Dalby and Hughes, Lady Athlyne was first published in the US in 1909 by Frank Lovell & Co., New York [2].

William Heinemann Ltd. (publisher)

First edition book cover

Lady Athlyne UK Book Cover

William Heinemann, London, 1908

Serial publication

After it was published as a hardcover in the UK, Lady Athlyne was reprinted in its entirety as a daily in at least three newspapers across the US. It appeared as follows:

  • The Evening Star, Washington D.C., March 27 - May 13, 1909
  • Utica Daily Press, Utica, New York, April 9 - June 1, 1909
  • The Evansville Courier, Evansville, Indiana, June 7 - July 31, 1909
  • Abridged version
    An abridged version of Lady Athlyne was published as a serial in at lest one US newspaper. It appeared as a daily serial (except Saturdays) in thirty-three issues of the Fort Worth Star - Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas, with the first installment appearing on April 26, 1909 and the last on June 2, 1909. Unlike the original novel, this edition contains only twenty-one chapters. It is unknown whether the abridgment was done by Stoker or someone else.


    This novel is available as a:
  • Free PDF download (The Evening Star)
  • The abridged version is available as a:
  • Free PDF download (Fort Worth Star - Telegram)
  • This novel can be purchased online as a:
  • Paperback Lady Athlyne
  • Early publication notice

    Lady Athlyne Publication Notice

    The Evening News, London, June 3, 1908
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    [1],[2] Dalby, Richard and William Hughes. Bram Stoker: A bibliography, Essex: Desert Island Books, 2004, p72.


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