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Lord Tennyson Among His Familiars

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"Lord Tennyson Among His Familiars"

was suppose to be an illustrated sketch about Alfred Tennyson by Bram Stoker. In November 1885 The Youth's Companion, Perry Mason & Co., Publishers, Boston, MA, began an adverting campaign in hundreds of newspapers across much of the continental United States in an effort to boost subscriptions for the 1886 year. These adds appeared in the form of quarter-sheet advertisements announcing a selection of their upcoming features. Among these were announcements for a number "illustrated sketches" including one for "Lord Tennyson Among His Familiars" by Bram Stoker. Despite careful searches of The Youth's Companion, this article has never been found.

Stoker in The Youth's Companion

Although "Lord Tennyson Among His Familiars" has never been found, about a month after the adds promoting it started to appear, Stoker's first published poem "One Thing Needful" was published in the December 10, 1885 issue of The Youth's Companion.

Tennyson in The Youth's Companion

While a biography of Lord Tennyson may seem a bit out of place in a newspaper dedicated to young people, the readers of The Youth's Companion were familiar with Tennyson's poetry. In fact, his poem "Early Spring" was first published in the Christmas Number of The Youth's Companion on December 13, 1883.

Early publication notice

Lord Tennyson Among His Familiars Notice

The Harper Daily Sentinel, Harper, Kansas, November 3, 1885
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